10 Best Business Travel Tips

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10 Best Business Travel Tips

Tip #1: Stop the germs. Airplanes are cauldrons of bacteria and viruses, you can use a sanitizer and stop the germs.
 Tip #2: Bring down the noise.  Get some E-A-R soft foam disposable earplugs. You can actually sleep comfortably wearing them because you don't have to wrangle big earmuffs.
 Tip #3: Eat smart. 
Look for where the airline personnel—pilots, attendants, etc.—are eating, and follow their lead. Go for protein over carbs, because it takes longer to digest and burn, and therefore lasts longer. Always choose bottled water as your preferred beverage (never soda, it messes with your tummy).

Tip #4: The rule of HAHU. Bring a family member, or members, along if it’s someplace cool. Family travel is made easier by the acronym HAHU. H is for hustle. A is for anticipate. HU is for “heads up.” 

Tip #5: Sanitize the tray!  Carry some antibacterial wipes with you and wipe that tray before you use it for anything. Then wipe it again. 
Tip #6: Stay connected. Get a wireless broadband USB modem. The wireless USB modem uses any cell signal, so you can use it anywhere, and you pay one monthly fee. It may be more expensive, but the tradeoff is convenience.

Tip #7: Zip through security. If you have any reasonable claim to a premier status, get in a premier line, it’s worth a shot. Get in any line with more male solo business travelers. Men have fewer accessories to discard and are hyper-competitive, which means they tend to view the security line as a race.
Tip #8: Avoid the TV. Unless there’s show you can't possibly live without seeing, the one thing you should never do upon entering your hotel room is turn on the television. Before you know it you’ve wasted 90 minutes.

Tip #9: Beat jet lag. Trick your body into thinking it’s in the time zone of your destination by resetting your watch to that time as soon as you’re on the plane, and try to only sleep if it’s night at your destination.  Eat less—if you’re offered food, eat no more than half what’s offered and even if you’re dog-tired when you land, never ever sleep unless it’s dark outside.
Tip #10: Buy a local paper. Carrying a paper makes you look a bit more like a local, which makes you less of a target for any unsavory characters that may be lurking about. Also, you might actually learn something from the paper, even if you can’t read it, just from looking at the pictures.

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